Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why oh why didn't I label?

Was I too cool to label my posts?  What was I thinking?  Now it's difficult to figure out what to label them as.  I don't really like labels.  I guess I want to organize.  Hmm.  How in depth do you go with this?  In my Quickbooks software it says to be very general to keep things simple.  I was fine with that in accounting...(I'm bad at accounting) but blogging is so different.  Even if there are 7 poem posts I don't know that I want to call them poems.  I started out just writing, not even knowing they were poems.  I am not entirely comfortable with writing poems.  Maybe this is an identity issue.  Maybe I'm freaking out at being labeled myself.  Take off my labels.  I don't like them.  They itch.  They cause redness.  They make me fall over ottomans.  If I start labeling my posts maybe they will fall over, too.  I wouldn't want that.  Maybe being more searchable isn't necessarily a good thing.  Maybe I should make people dig.  That's fun, like a corn maize.  It's that time of year.  Let's get lost in eachother's blogs.


TC said...


Nice echo of the Chet Baker standard, but you know what happened to him.

Let's Get Lost is a great admonition if at least one another person is willing.

But that gets back to your "will" issues.

Make people dig: now that's the spirit. Few will (there's that word again), but at least you've drawn the line.

As someone who's put up 500 poetry posts, all unlabeled, all lost, all I can say to you on this subject is: let's get lost.

Rachel said...

I accept the lost challenge. It's so much fun to find a way out. And yes, I would like to avoid falling to my death for no apparent reason. No one is that cool.