Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple things that made me smile today

1.  My dog has become more affectionate in his old age.  I got home early this morning to a sleepy dog who was happy to have company.  He sort of fell into my legs so I knelt down next to him to say hello.  After sniffing my neck, he planted a smooch on me.  Two actually, right on my chin. 


Glee sings a song I love.  I'm not normally one to love covers but I can actually understand the words with them singing it.  They inject a vitality to the song, too.  The original is beautiful but darker:

Seeing the video, I love her even more.  We could be make-up friends. 

3.  Impromptu cuddling.  I'm glad that as an adult that's not silly.

4.  Running at 4am.  That's when my gym opens.  Since I have not been able to sleep lately it makes sense that I'm not expending enough energy.  I hope running helps. 

Have wonderful days!

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