Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jason Weems - Jason Weems - Jason Weems

The second house I encountered on the slow trip from the San Antonio airport to the Jinx House in Austin was the home of Jason Weems. I met many people there who I would keep running in to during my visit to Texas. One thing about Texas, at least the areas I toured, is that you make friends with the people you meet. Everyone I encountered was warm, sincere and open from the start. This includes Jason.

His apartment was filled with instruments. It's been a while but I think someone causally played the trumpet or some other horn while multiple people jammed on guitars and sang. The whole evening was filled with music. He told me stories of his very interesting past, all of which were centered around creating. The biggest piece of Texas that I keep with me is not the individual people, but the drive they all seem to share.

It is ok with them to follow your heart; something I've yet to find in the Northeast. At least not in a pure state. Jason Weems shines when he plays and I think that deserves some support. It's also the first step in acknowledging that you deserve to live the life of your dreams. The bottom video is his request, the first is a really beautiful song. Enjoy!

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