Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a little self and selfless promotion

We haven't had much snow lately but it sure has been cold. My friend Pat makes amazing hats. I love my hat so much because it covers my ears, I have very sensitive ears, plus it's super stylish. She hand crochets them all, including the double flower. Her shop is here. You can probably still get one in time for Christmas. Pat would never tell you this because she's modest but the quality of her work is incredible. She's a perfectionist who puts hours of work into the details. It's hard to find such good craftsmanship today. She's an incredible lady!

Below are some winter prints of mine. Imagekind, the site that hosts them, has a sale today. 22% off everything. The coupon code is on the site. My galleries are here.

Last but not least, the e-book for No Fresh Cut Flowers, An Afterlife Anthology is still ten bucks and includes the soundtrack. I also still have time to ship the paperback in time for Christmas.

Buying from people helps people. Shop local, shop small and we can keep the money with the people who are really contributing to the world. Have super amazing holidays!


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