Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am such a little kid

So this is Paul Simon's new song, Getting Ready for Christmas Day. Jim Oblon is the dummer in his band and is in the video. They were all on the Colbert Report last Thursday. It was so exciting to watch someone I know on tv, especially on a show I love.

Last night's Owl Shop was maybe the best ever. I LOVE to dance. Will dance to anything, anywhere. Music or no music. But when you get great music and an awesome partner who knows how to lead I just can't contain myself. I was trying to find a video of the style of dancing Chris and I were doing last night but I came up short. The closest thing I could find was way more technical than anything I ever do. You could probably call it blues swing style. And if Chris didn't know how to do it neither would I. He says he learned his moves from dating older women. I should try that. (hehe) To make this long story short, we danced and spun and dipped for three songs and people actually asked us for more! I got to dance with Sarah too, which is our ritual. I know people like that as well, but for much different reasons. The band didn't play any holiday songs, but they did get down with Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. This was a request by three very nice out of towners who also bought me a glass of Argentinean wine. Yumm.

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