Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, I live here :)

I've always felt that Milford is enchanted.  My drive to work takes me down a road with a view of Gulf Beach and Charles Island as the sun is rising.  The golden hued sky warms and wakes the birds and me as I ride in my little purple car to a place far removed from my glistening sandland.  It's not long before I am home again to see pink clouds hovering over the beach homes, leaving their reflection on the still waters.  As I was walking back to my house from the beach after taking these photos all I could smell was lilacs.  When I notice the beautiful ever-changing art around me I become a participant.  In the moment, there is no need to make paintings because I'm actually in one.  With that thought I usually just smile, sit in the sand and stare at the sky, bewildered and in awe.

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