Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel,
When I called you this afternoon you didn't pick up.  Why is that?  Were you too busy singing your happy songs and playing with facebook?  You used to come over everyday, sometimes more than once and now I just feel left out of your life.  I hate to lay a guilt trip on you but you always tell me to be honest; that you can handle it.  I really miss you so I hope to see you around soon.  -Blog

Dear Gosh, Blog-
I'm sorry!  It's not that I don't think of you, I do all the time.  Sometimes I just get swept up in other things.  I still love you so much and I'll be back soon.  Things are shifting around right now and it's exciting but maybe getting in the way of telling you all about it.  And, yes singing happy songs has been happening often.  I never knew how much fun it is to sing in the shower, hehe.  I'm having fun driving my new car everywhere and I'm looking for a new road trip.  I'm also wondering what quinine is all about.  I bet you can help me with all of this :)  Thanks for always being there buddy.  <3 Rachel

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