Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Fresh Cut Flowers, An Afterlife Anthology now on Amazon

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The book is available now on   Wooohoo!  I've heard great things from the poets involved and also those who have purchased the book already.  The soundtrack, which is included with the book, has also had some excellent feedback.  I hope you love it!  For more info about the contributors, their bios are available on the poet and musician pages of the Sephyrus Press site.

Poems by: Nick Doniger, Tom Clark, Byron Danziger, Peter Rennick, J.J. Steinfeld, Barbara Bialick, Neil Ellman, Richard Schiffman, P.A. Levy, Scott Keeney, Ariel Chance, Anna Taborska, Ayara Stein, Phil Gruis, Laury Egan, Changming Yuan, Lynn Hoffman, Gary Beck, Greta Bolger, Mary Belardi Erickson, Toni Clark, Lisken Van Pelt Dus, CJ Clayton Dippolito, Karen Neuberg and Penn Kemp 

Introduction by: Rachel Andrews

Music by: The Icarus Descent, ztraceny, Two Structures, Stung by Horses, The Autumn

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