Saturday, November 6, 2010

Have you seen it? Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me

It's hard to believe this film is already six years old.  What was created with a budget of $65,000 is a true wake-up call and a partial explanation of why the newest generation of children are estimated to have a lower life expectancy than their predecessors (based on CDC studies done in 2005).  In 2007 74.1 percent of American adults were overweight or obese ("World Fattest Countries"  Last year obesity related deaths surpassed those from tobacco use.  What are we doing?  According to the USDA only 21 cents out of each dollar is spent on the farm value of food.  There is an excellent graph explaining where the rest of our money goes here.  It's true that when we purchase food from a company there will be a markup which pays for labor, rent, etc, but 79 percent seems like a high number.  I hear all the time that healthy food is more expensive than ____ (fill in the blank) but with a little effort one can find superior resources like local organic food co-ops that deliver each week, online farm markets, etc.  It's possible to spend less on food and not even have to leave the house to get it. has a database of local farms, what they offer, farm stand hours and more.  The site is well designed and even has an online shop.  Buying food from a farm may also help children develop a better appreciation for fresh vegetables, meats and fruits.  We don't have to be such a self-destructive nation.  Even a little bit of effort will pay off in money savings and health gains.  Cheers to that!


William Keckler said...

yes, we love it. lee and i laughed like hell. especially when he had his first good puke. morgan is one of those straight men who read as totally gay to gay guys. it's probably just the facial hair. your post is thought-provoking and intellectually sound. hence, alien to my nature. i love mcfries. xo

Rachel said...

Yeah, he's a sweet faced, hottie. I can see how that might read as gay. Ha, mcfries ARE super delicious. <3

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Rachel said...

Nice article! It's true- to lose weight burn more calories than you take in.

If someone kept eating twinkies and processed snacks as the staple of their diet for a long period of time though, they'd probably feel like shit. Their insulin response would suffer, they'd burn out their adrenal glands and they would have fatigue and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I'm sure the multivitamin and protein shake he took helped that.

Anonymous said...

Also, the link between obesity and shorter life expectancy is not certain.

Watch Season 5 Episode 1 of Bullshit (

While some studies may show a correlation between obesity and ill health, the one most commonly cited with respect to obesity reducing life expectancy (the one in the NE journal of medicine) is the most controversial (see: