Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ouch. It might be dangerous to draw your own brain.

Getting back to the brain theme...I have deduced that it might be dangerous to draw your own brain.  It sort of hurts.  And I found that it is never ending until you shut off the connection.  The first drawing, the one with the blob shapes is the basic way my brain is laid out, quite different from the other two (one, two)  I've done.  Those two people are computer programmers, very analytical, purposeful and logical.  I'm pretty much the opposite of that.  No rulers needed here...haha.  The second drawing, the color field, should be behind the blob picture but I had to do them separately.  When I went to scan the color drawing, the background, I had the urge to draw another one, then another one.  So it goes, the connection I'd made to my brain was still active and therefore changing, wanting to be drawn.  Very interesting! 

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