Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh precipice, I love you

Alright, precipice...

is that what we wait for? Do we [think] we need some life or death dead end in order to give ourselves permission to make the choice that would make us happy?

So are not an actual cliff that forces people to jump into a free fall of exhilaration. Standing on the edge does imply that there is certain doom waiting for you. Sure, jump off and feel amazement, you'll be falling so fast that your facial muscles can't even close around your mouth. You are literally forced to smile but as payment for your short time in bliss you will perish at the bottom.

                                                                                                                                            It's that good.

As the maverick that I am [yes, you can laugh] I can tell you that the above scene is both real and although sarcastic in the way of challenging your perceptions of the phrases, an actual truth.

The difference is this: the precipice, the edge of the cliff, is every single moment. How awake we are in each moment determines how close to the edge we are. In awareness the self becomes secondary. When we are in connection with 'the force' [whatever] we die. We, our lesser selves, the things we judge ourselves for, our conditioning, our 'shoulds.'

At this moment, I am hunched over at a marble table writing inside a coffeehouse in downtown Milford. Outside the window in front of me are tired drooping wax-leaved begonias sharing a pot with a purple foliage plant whose name I cannot remember. I am now stuck in my head- not connected- watching traffic zoom by. The drivers are turning their heads to follow the road as they turn the corner. I will soon leave to recover my phone who was forgotten which is why I am here. I am at the bottom of the fake cliff.

My plan today was to jump off the edge of the train platform, ha- just kidding. No, I was going to watch the gap and mindfully step onto the train for Grand Central Station but forgot my cell phone at home. I had no time to retrieve it and decided to give in to the moment and cancel my trip.

Life is thrilling all on its own if you look at every moment as a beginning. Each new thought creates your future, each new contact with a person is a chance to one-up yourself. Let go of the theory of competition; you are a unique set of DNA both biologically and spiritually. No one other than you can have your experience so make it a pleasurable and fulfilling one. If you fall off and land at the bottom, there is always the afterlife.

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