Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aching shoulders

There is no more waiting
I need a better chair
I need renewal or a book titled Renewal
My puppy is really fourteen
My chalks are all over this desk
I bought love stamps today
I mailed out postcards
I did not go to work
I drew a beluga whale last night
Or it could have been a sea cow
I just drank a chocolate coffee
I slept until two o'clock
I took pictures of windy beaches
I drove around in my car
I ate french fries
I saw a friend's doppleganger
I do not want to go to work tomorrow
I need to finish things up
I need to drink this water
My butt hurts from sitting so much
I need not visit facebook anymore
I should listen to more music
Is there a way to escape feeling responsible?


William Keckler said...

I did a lot of these things too!

But I didn't see a friend's doppelganger.

That would have been nifty.

Someone is sawing something right now in the house next to mine.

It sounds like a giant dog salivating.

Maybe it's really Clifford out there.


Rachel said...

Ooh, Clifford. Good ol' PBS. That was the only channel the kids I used to watch were able to view. One hour in the morning. The loved the big red dog.