Sunday, June 10, 2007

Colors of the Soul

I have been reading 'Destiny of Souls,' by Newton and I was brought new insight into my preference of colors. Colors have always had a profound influence on me and I use them everyday to evoke certain moods or to explain situations or emotions. Newton's book describes the ascention of souls and their corresponding colors. Here is the order he describes:

level I
1. white
2. off-white, gray with tints of pink
Level II
3. white and reddish pink
4. light orange yellow with tints of white
Level III
5. yellow
Level III-IV
6. deep gold, gold with tints of green
Level IV
7. green or brownish green
Level V
8. light blue, light blue with gold; green or brown tints
Level V-VI
9. Deep Blue
Level VI-Higher Levels
10. Deep Blue with tints of purple
Higher Levels
11. Purple

As a child until recently I abhorred the color pink. I would not let it near me and when I accidentally colored my hair pink I wore a hat until it washed out. Even though an equal amount of respect and love goes to all levels of souls, I felt it going backwards to portray myself as pink. As I got older I colored my hair often and my color of choice is green. I feel most at home wearing green clothing, having green hair and also surrounding myself in the green of nature. This is not to say that my soul level is green, but that I feel at peace being green on earth. Before my fascination with green truly got out of hand I thought of myself as a yellow. My husband referred to me as yellow and I accepted this at the time. It is possible that I have evolved past this in my years on earth. I will only be certain when I arrive back home.

If you are particular to a certain color it may mean that your soul is currently in that color level. Especially if you feel drawn to that color more than others for an extended period of time. Short term color usages could mean that you are using that color to overcome specific events or shortcomings.

Reading up on the meaning of colors is sometimes difficult because almost every culture has a different interpretation. Using your intuition is usually best. It is easy to determine what colors mean to you. Make large color cards or gather clothing in a range of colors. One at a time, hold each color in front of you and relax. Record what each color makes you feel inside. Does red elicit energy to excersize or do you feel like taking a nap?

If this does not help, you can be aware of what color of clothing you grab in the mornings when you feel most tired and when you feel the most energized. This knowledge can be helpdul when you desire a boost in evergy. You can also take relaxing colored clothing on vacation.

Color is a magnificent thing and it is yours to admire or use in any way you wish.

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