Monday, August 13, 2007


I am leaving the world for the forest

and hoping that the knomes and faeries will help me out

charging forth with little sight

making randomness and eager for it to be something

waiting for a response

I have decided to leave school and pursue a real life

a life with meaning and value to others

giving of myself, feeling great

feeling beyond myself

I am expanding into you and anyone else who enters my field

it is an exciting time and yet

intimidating as blank paper

I am a wasp caught on the wrong side of the window

banging my body into the glass and waiting

until I fly into the open air

so sephyrus – bringer of light, a ship who will carry people to themselves

hail them aboard and turn them around until they smack into a land unfamiliar but looked at everyday in the mirror. Commune with their souls and say 'welcome home'

my mission, however carried out is this.

My intention – to bring people to themselves

as I have done with me!


Love Rachel

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