Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's the scoop on getting what you want in life.

I have been doing a lot of studying lately on the law of attraction. You may have heard of The Secret, a dvd about this subject, which is wildly popular at the moment. But if you are unfamiliar with the law of attraction, here it is: what ever your thoughts and emotions are focused on, you attract into your life. This is because everything in this universe is made of energy. Cars, emotions, rocks, people, food, thoughts, money...everything is made of energy. And it is all the same energy. There is no difference from a physics perspective of the energy in a rock to the energy in your thoughts. Because this is so, when you focus your thoughts and emotions on something, you are drawing that thing to you. You project your energy and intentions into the universe and attract whatever you are focused on. Once I heard the principles of this I looked into my past and saw how I created my life.

When I was looking for a job a few years ago. I had very specific requirements including the ability to make my own hours, earn more money per hour that I ever made before and have it be something enjoyable. This was the job I wanted and I was certain that I would find it. I kept looking in the paper every day and within a month I saw an ad that jumped out at me. The job was for part-time gardening help. I called the woman from the ad and went to see her about the job. It turned out that the job payed two dollars more an hour than I had ever made before, I could make my own schedule and it was something I definitely enjoyed. The woman hired me on the spot only noting that she was expecting someone older. I had not realized at the time that I was sending my intention into the universe and allowing it to come to me, but I did feel overjoyed that I had found exactly what I wanted. If you think back into your past I am sure you can see how you created your life. The unfortunate thing about this law is that it doesn't matter if we perceive things as good or bad.

If you hate your boss and complain all the time about it, then the situation will always be that you hate your boss. If you want a new job and have an expectation that the perfect job for you is out there, you will find it. Basically, you can attract anything you put your focus on. And you will attract everything you put your focus on. What we can do with this information now is to make sure that we create deliberately.

Most of us have been creating our lives by default. We create situations because we feel fear, lack and judgment. These are the times when things don't go our way. When we feel like we don't have enough money to buy a new car or the clothes we want, we create the circumstances to make that true. When we are feeling great and abundant we always manage to find the things we have been desiring. Sometimes these things come as gifts or we see that we really can afford that new car. The trick to making this work for you is by feeling great and in the flow with life. We know that things always have a way of working out. When we truly believe this to be true, then it is. It is that simple. When we believe that good things will happen to us, we are allowing them to come to us. If we choose to deny this and believe that we are doomed, we are only setting ourselves up for that to come true.

Sometimes even when we want to believe that we can create better lives for ourselves we just can't feel that it is true. We have inner issues that pop up and they hold us back from receiving life's abundance. This is usually when we turn to self-help books, cd's or other people for help. This can be dangerous because it brings our attention off of our true selves. When we feel blocks or negative emotions inside us, we need to go inside to relieve it. We are all whole already and do not need any outside information to guide us back to being in the flow with life. When uncomfortable feelings arise in you, welcome that feeling and decide to let it go. If you have never heard of the Sedona Method, I recommend checking out the website at What they offer is a gentle way of letting go of unwanted feelings. Feelings are not connected to us, we are simply holding on to them. If you decide you want to let them go, simple do that and they disappear.

When these negative feelings are gone, we have room for peace and joy to fill up that space. When we are filled with joy, only good things will come our way. We are free to attract and receive all that we want and we find that little or no effort is involved. The universe has a way of delivering ideas, people and circumstances to match our desires effortlessly. So dream up your new life, have fun, let go and feel the joy that is all around you.

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