Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aura Drawings on Etsy

My etsy shop now includes aura drawings. Below is the description. I've made a coupon for friends: LOVEANDHUGS takes 20% off and shipping on drawings is always free.

I will make you a drawing of your aura. I can never predict how the drawing will look, sometimes they resemble a face, sometimes they look like blobs of color. But they are always fun, informative and colorful.

I've been drawing energetic patterns since the age of 8 when a friend's mother threw out a box of oil paints. I eagerly saved them from the landfill and began experimenting. I still remember the day I looked down at a mess of colorful forms and realized it meant something. I could decipher their meaning and use it as a tool for problem solving. This was truly a day of finding myself and I've continued ever since.

You'll get a 9 x 12 inch drawing, done in pastels and a brief explanation of what the colors and patterns mean. The drawing will be shipped to you in a tube mailer, gently rolled with tissue paper.

My bio:
Rachel Andrews is a medium and a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairvisual and intuitive psychic. She connects people with their spirit guides and deceased loved ones, allowing them to set up meetings and ask them questions. She draws and paints auric energy patterns, including goals, blocks, environment, past, future, present and life lines. Her goal is to inspire psychic awareness and an understanding of spirits and the great world of energy. Her main focus is assisting people in living authentic lives as a pathway to achieving happiness and freedom. She has taught classes on psychic development, angels, mediumship, intuitive drawing and group energies throughout Connecticut and is the editor of No Fresh Cut Flowers, an Afterlife Anthology.

This listing is for a drawing of your aura. For more information about me and how this is done, please see my website,
Thanks :)

Get your aura drawn! It's fabulously fun.

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