Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday day, day day night

double tipped m&m.
welcomed into my mouth.
peanut butter mastication.

letulip ego wonderland

greetings my friend to
my keyboard. your
beauty is held in our

enthusiasm and overwhelmingness
is what I have to offer. take
it as it be. i mean not to scare
you! how silly, really? I'm
not scary. I'm for you. and everyone
and no one all. i can disappear. have and will

the dead are obvious. they know
what we will respond to. we are
the dense ones, wanting not to
see them. our lives are not
separate from theirs. we all
live in the same place. no place.
we made it all up a long time ago.
and we will be far from here once more.
earth II is already done. being tested
as I type. but earth II exists.
it all does. we made it so. and
are making it not so.

we should visit other places.
be the fish and rocks. vacation

learn from inanimate objects. we
created them. don't throw them
away. they speak as we do.

boxy knows. just ask him.

we leave layers behind. shadows and
fingerprints. can you find your trail?
walk in a circle and trace your steps.
what did you say to yourself the
second time 'round? you'll know.

living is adventure. so much
more than we know.

my smile shows it. i like seeing
you. and it and nothing. i have
never seen nothing. it does not
exist. gray, clouds, magic.

i'll see you. and you'll

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