Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Riddence Bad Sword

A specialist was introduced to me last night by way of a glowing group with whom I work. She was covered by a thick, winsome blue like that of the china plate I borrowed from a former employer. My reluctance was strong at the beginning and I needed much reassurance from my regular pals in order to allow her to start working on me. I even made her start while I was on my side before allowing her access to my vulnerable top side. This specialist was planning on removing my past in pieces. She dug into me tossing out chunks of lives still affecting my present life. As the almost tangible wreckage spattered against the mirror next to my bed they shattered into light particles, dissolving into the never- existing, existed, to exist. The process involved me viewing, reliving these snippets of past while they were being dislodged. Past life memory for me has always been gray so the intensity of this situation frightened me at moments. The reason for her color was to soothe me. She blanketed me, really cocooned me into a state of hyper-presence. This was to be the last time to experience these events that clogged my energetic arteries so I best be awake for them. At one point I watched a sword being drawn out of my husbands back. I wasn't sure if I was the girl in the picture or the horse. My specialist was not there to answer questions so I let it go. The rest of the pictures I relived are gone for good now. Perhaps the sword image is remembered so I could tell Joe about it, which I have done. My specialist came and went with few words. I do know that I can expect her back at some point because before leaving she said, "that's it for now." I must have fallen asleep suddenly because the next thing that happened was that I woke up and Joe was beside me asleep. It was one of those experiences where the events seemed to skip though time.

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