Friday, July 8, 2011

Fireworks at Bayview Beach

 Bayview Beach proper

Yes, I live at the beach.  I often say to my friends, "who needs to drive somewhere and sit amongst a crowd of people just to see some sky sparkle action when you can just walk down to the beach with me and have a 180 degree view in comfy solitude?"  Well this year I got three versions:  sitting in lawn chairs at a very respectable distance to view the Shelton/Derby throw down outside my friend's apartment building on Friday, the quiet beach version mentioned above on Sunday and something on Monday I've never, ever witnessed before - full out, you-got-served, sweaty, sand-flea ridden, macho gunpowder madness at the same spot I enjoyed the night before.  

There are some pictures from the scary night in a previous post titled Paaaaaandemonium - because it was.  I wasn't even in with the big crowd and I was ducking and squealing like a toddler.  It felt very unsafe but I couldn't peel my eyes away just the same.  It seemed like all the people inhabiting beach front houses were required to a.) have a huge ass bonfire and b.) spend thousands of dollars on fireworks.  I think c.) would be to become increasingly intoxicated as the night went on but that probably goes without saying.  I still sound like a Grandma and it's been almost a full week since I've witnessed this.  (sorry)  It was incredible to watch and very energizing to see all of my neighbors outside at the same time.  Unfortunately the teenage grandchild of the couple who lives to my left spent the night in the burn unit.  She's ok now.  

It's not surprising to me that so much explosive energy was released this week.  We just had three eclipses in one month, the last being on July 1st.  We're all stressed and crazy and the shit's just beginning to hit the fan, why not make it look like that in the sky, right?   I see it as a perfect representation of how we're all feeling.  Of course, explosive outbursts tend to do two things; they make us feel heard but they also tend to leave casualties.  It's a good thing that holidays normally spread an unusually large amount of solidarity between our fellow land mates.  I'm hoping that it lasts.  

 My favorite color :)

 A proud man

Dandelion fluff fireworks

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