Thursday, February 3, 2011

The night

I did my first medium reading at a bar tonight. It came up out of the blue, too. I've been friends with this man, close friends, for over six months now and he still didn't realize I could speak with the deceased. He offhandedly mentioned that he'd love to talk to his mother and whoosh, we were connected. I moved closer to him and relayed the addition of his mother to the conversation. After his moment of shock, we started talking with her. I don't ever drink alcohol before a reading so I warned him of the possible sub-par connection but it turned out alright. We got some great information out and he got to say what he wanted to. For the first time in a while my 'client' was left with a strange feeling. Normally it's tears and hugs but this was a bit different. I think it was due to the strange circumstances and the spontaneity of the event. I'm just glad I was able to manifest his wishes so quickly. I'm sure we'll be readdressing the issue in clear daylight soon.

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