Wednesday, July 21, 2010



William Keckler said...

I know photographers who think they are "painterly." But they're not. You are. I think the ghost of Turner hovers over you at all times. Manipulating clouds for your pleasure.

Rachel said...

I love dead people :) I'm glad this venture into photography is pleasing to your eyes. I have so much fun with it. Today I think I pissed off someone in a van because I was standing near it getting a shot. Last week this guy on a pier was very distressed and I just had to go over to him and take a picture. I don't say anything to these people, but it is funny how I always seem to 'need' to be in the place that they occupy. <3

William Keckler said...

You are a serial displacer.

That's better than serial killer.

Much better.

I think the ruler-assisted brain topology ones are cool too.