Monday, April 13, 2009

up and coming 7

7 is sitting in his too-low chair in his cubicle at work. He is waiting until his bosses leave so he can sneak online to get the sports updates. After work, he drives home to find sleeping people and a too-awake cat. 7 doesn't sleep very well. In fact, he prefers to let his thoughts run long. He chases them through the darkness, extracting their meaning, trying not to forget. His marriage is a fine organization of duties. His wife respects him, his hard work. 7 still dreams of being alone though. Having the options he once had to dismiss the futile and the sounds of outsiders. Everyone is an outsider. Even 6, who once thought it her privilege to understand him. He has noticed her dismay in the changing rules but cannot summon the words to appease her with. 6 has fallen into the outer ring where toys and weeds fall into the ground becoming more covered with dirt every year. 7 will go on as he always has. 6 will never leave him. Even though she realizes that he is not her lover, her friend and never has been, she will stay. I think 6 is an idiot.

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