Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's some kind of a Holiday

Breezy Easter. Waking up and listening
to Radiohead is never a good idea, haha.
They put me into a mood, I suppose I'm just
wholly accepting of their vibes. I go
in spurts. I really appreciate what Jesus
did. It took so much effort on his part, not
to mention pain, to accomplish.
It's a small shame that people fucked it up...
but that's what people do. I'm happy for
religious people who find comfort in the rules.
Jesus won't be coming back. The breeze agrees
with me. When these great people go back to
the ether, they take up consulting jobs...but
leave the application to us.
I bet Willy Wonka is on tv today.
Happy Easter :)

1 comment:

William Keckler said...

O Horpy Oster!

I liked your Easter post.

Rachel is ewe.

Rachel is a lamb which is Eastery.

Paschal lamb head of John the Baptist scary stuff on platters.

If in doubt, put a nimbus round it.


Is a first person shooter game, I believe.

But back to your Easter post...

It was comforting and sympathetic like an Easter card between two dead people from 1906.

Well, they weren't dead people in 1906.

They were alive.

And saying O Horpy Oster!

To one another.

They lived a few towns away and that might as well have been China then.

And someone added glitter to the card.

Because that's what you did in 1906

Because they didn't have emoticons yet.

Emoticon is the new glitter.

Shoot me for making a ____ is the new ____ paradigm.

They are ruining the world.

Those paradigms.

I am looking at an ancient Easter postcard now and the happy sentiments written in pencil on the back.

Ah, sentiments.

This universe would have been so weird without sentiments in it.

Okay, even weirder.

I should specify.

O Horpy Oster!

Horpy Oster!