Monday, March 30, 2009

You can eat out of trash!

A wonderful customer of mine recently asked me if I wanted her empty sampler pack back. She has several of them and didn't want to throw them away. I have quite a stock of them myself so I wondered what I could do with them. Re-using them for customers wouldn't work because the label is pretty permanent. I was thinking about my garden when I realized they are perfect as seed starter trays. So here's my pictoguide to reusing your empty votive packs:

While palm wax is bio-degradable and edible (yes, edible!) the fragrance oil is not. So make sure to wash the plastic well with hot soapy water.

Add your potting mixture.

The packs have 12 wells designed to separate the votives, these make the perfect root dividers. Place your seeds in the center of the wells and cover lightly with soil. Follow the directions on the seed packet for seed depth. Moisten the soil.

Use a marker or pen on the label so you know what seeds are in the pack. Place in a sunny spot and close the cover to keep in the moisture. Once the seeds sprout, open the cover to prevent mold.

That's it :) Have fun planting and recycling!

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