Monday, March 16, 2009

worst nightmare

Another lifetime movie night, actually I'm switching between The City (mtv) and Confessions of a Go-Go Girl (lifetime). The main character grows up wealthy/stifled and plans to attend law school. She decides to switch to acting and her parents practically disown her and make her pay for acting school on her own. So, of course, she starts dancing! I guess that's logical in the movies. She keeps it a secret from her uptight parents and boyfriend until they catch the act. That always happens, but it's really a girl's worst nightmare. Didn't stop her it seems...but the movie isn't over yet.

wait- there's more!
the goodgirlgonehalfnaked's friend decided she wanted to bring in the 'big bucks' so she went in for a boob job. She died on the table from a cocaine/anesthesia reaction. This movie is too much.


William Keckler said...

I remember the way the "anesthesia" death came out of the scripty blue like a chocolate covered marzipan bus.

I felt so betrayed.

So shafted!

I gnawed on the corner of my television set for weeks.

Lifetime rocks out with its shlock out.

Rachel said...

"Lifetime rocks out with its shlock out."

Polly Forns said...

Maybe I should start watching television.......or not

Scott said...

Sorry I missed it. And on my birthday no less!