Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 2009

In all of the things I have done with my clairvoyance what gets me most excited is helping people develop their talents. Doing readings, while it does give me satisfaction to add clarity to someone's life circumstances, doesn't leave me with a sense of true accomplishment. I've worked with some amazing people in 2008. Having helped them connect with their spirits guides so they have personal communication and helping to develop spiritual gifts in others. Learning I could teach aura drawing was amazing. But through all the self discovery and definining of my own talents I still wondered what my place was in all of this, where my real passion was. As silly as it sounds, the tv show Psychic Kids gave me the answer. I had a horrible time during my mid-teens learning how to deal with all of this stuff. So much so that I left high school and had to live in the spare bedroom of my Grandparents house. It took me about three years to really get everything under control enough to where I wasn't afraid anymore. This year I am going to devote much of my time to helping kids and teenagers who don't know how to deal with their special gifts. I will also help to educate the parents who have landed in a world they may not even believe in. It is so important that people take this seriously in their children. I've seen so many kids sent off to hospitals who just need a little validation that what they are seeing or hearing is real. So if you know of anyone who is need of this kind of service feel free to pass on my email address.

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