Saturday, January 17, 2009

Graham Norton rules the BBCamerica world that I so love to live in

My favorite part about this show is when the skits are performed by the audience members as a tie-in to the movies the guests are plugging. Although, my favorite skit was on the Christmas show. A man bought his wife some long pajamas which were pink and supposedly super warm. They showed a pic of her in them on the screen and Graham noted that they aren't very attractive. She agreed and was mad at her husband for getting her the ever hated practical gift. So the wife and Graham set up the husband... Graham asked the guy if he'd check his cell phone reception and was guided to walk outside into the freezing December in London cold. Then the guy was sprayed with water or honey or something, then sprayed with feathers. The last bit was when a wrestler came out and took him down onto a mat. It was SOO funny!! This show always makes me laugh. It's on now, but the volume is down because my honey is falling asleep. awww


William Keckler said...

Graham Norton is God.

We are as one.

As A.L.I.C.E. says.

Geri said...

Sounds funny!