Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Danced with dragonflies.
Run with butterflies.

Seen a water snake,
numerous types of birds,
chipmunks, squirrels,
deer and insects.

Read in a sunny meadow.
Done cartwheels and yoga.
Climbed mountains.

Hiked for hours.
Peed and pooped
in a pit.

Made coffee, breakfasts,
lunches and dinners on
a fire pit grill rack.

Made fires, many, many fires.

Called AAA twice for
my neighbors.
Talked to strangers.

Swam in a lake.
Got water from a well.
Waved at passersby.

Filled up my CF card.
Stargazed, cloud gazed.
Slept in a tent.

Listened to weird
(really, really weird)
animal noises at night.

Been eye level with hawks.
Eaten mountain top

Sweat, gotten bruised and bitten.
Pulled a tiny tick off my arm.

Wrote and meditated.
Sang songs to myself
and my animal friends.

Drank wine from a sippy cup.
Had visitors, got bitchy,
checked my voicemail at 1,350 feet.

Balanced the elements.

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