Thursday, May 5, 2011

I like to eat chocolate and I like to read poetry

Well, it seems I can have my Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate and and a lil' love poem, too.  Chocolove makes delicious bars in all varieties and prints love poems on the inside wrapper.  I found today's poems to be just lovely.  Here it is:

from Fly Not Yet

Fly not yet! the fount that played,
In times of old, through Ammon's shade,
Though icy cold by day it ran,
Yet still, like sounds of mirth, began
     To burn when night was near;
And thus should woman's heart and looks
At noon be cold as winter brooks,
Nor kindle till the night, returning,
Brings their genial hour for burning.
     O! stay-O! stay-
When did morning ever break
And find such beaming eyes awake
     As those that sparkle here!

Thomas Moore

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