Sunday, October 24, 2010



William Keckler said...


lol loved this.

the Dadaists WISH they were this funny.

Simon and Julie (sorry--ULI and IM) are lifelong -WANG contestants.

I wonder if they ever sleep.

Right now I have to turn around and wage war because Dru is trying sooo hard to copulate with the Bat Child stuffie.

Every time I leave the room he makes his move.

Nick said...

Mitch & Webb is the funniest British sketch comedy ever. I think they even beat Monty Python, and that's a huge statement for me to make.

Rachel said...

I've never seen a whole episode of Mitchell and Webb, I'll have to check that out! I am only familiar with the 'wang' skits.

I think Dru and I would get along. I sort of look like a bat and a child. Uli and Im never sleep. They are too busy looking after their remaining letters. I would, too. I'd hate to be just L. It has no ring to it.

William Keckler said...

The bat child stuffie was an EBAY listee.

It looked great until I started describing/examining it.

It smelled like mold (even though it had the original tag and was bright and looked clean) and it had a pen mark on its cheek I couldn't remove.

So I had to try to tout its merits, but I had to make disclosure and say it "smells like basement ass." But in a nice way.

So I said something like "Yeah, it has a slight basement odor if you put your nose right up to it, but if you are buying this for holiday display and NOT to make out with it (in which case I wouldn't sell it to you anyway) it should be fine."

And out of all the items Lee had me listing, that sold in the first few hours. At the ridiculous buy it now price.

Maybe I should make more things sound disgusting and unattractive.

Maybe all EBAYERS are secretly shopping masochists.

William Keckler said...

You look like a fairy princess, not a bat child.

I think it's cool that you have a fashion design background.

You would be my favorite contestant on Project Runway if you got on.

But then it's one gal to every four gay guys so it's probably hard to make the cut.

Mondo was a trip though.

I didn't think ANYONE could make herringbone current.

But then his herringbone is like 40 x normal herringbone size.

And he loves those binney smith patterns/colors.

my word verify is "sters."

Where did the "mon" go?

William Keckler said...

Re Mitchell and Webb: check out the Sherlock Holmes skit if you get a chance on YouTube.

That one's killer good too.

They keep switching roles "to be fair."