Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hey- that rock stole my hairstyle!


William Keckler said... IS impeccably coiffed.

It would be cool to film someone acutally using implements and combing and styling one of these rocks as a performance art piece.

It would be fun to put barettes and stuff in their hair.

I imagine the person talking to the rock while he or she groomed it, much as an actual hairdresser makes amiable small talk when the hairdressee is too depressed or infirm to speak.

William Keckler said...

You know who make the best performance artists?

Small kids.

Because they would totally do the above without thinking.

They are all "nature's little performance artists."

All born New Yorkers, apparently.

Blesock is my "somewhat objectionable" word verify here.

"Oh, the family was loaded once, but our fortunes turned during The War. And that's when we lost our ancestral home, Blesock."