Monday, May 24, 2010

a break the ice sort of question

A few weeks ago I walked into the Starbucks near work to get my usual when the a guy behind the counter asked me if I liked Lady Gaga.  I'm pretty sure he was already in a conversation with his co-worker about it and wanted another opinion to reinforce his stance.  So I answered honestly, saying that I respected her work but it wasn't really my thing.  The guys looked at eachother for a second then broke out in unison singing the chorus of Bad Romance, "gagaaaa ooooh la laa..."  That little question stuck with me for a while and I began really listening.  The first thing I noticed is that she sings in French sometimes.  So, could I not love her?  Then someone told me she IS French.  This wouldn't be enough to change my mind completely but something did snap me into place as a Gaga lover.  I was at a dinner party with some friends and we watched the mini-movie video for Telephone.  If you haven't seen it, it's like a big budget/avant-garde spectacle set to pop music featuring bondage clothes and Beyonce.  Aside from the product placement it's rad.  Yes, rad.  Beyonce is amazing in it and she fits doing edgier stuff.  My favorite part of the song is when she says she's too busy dancing to talk on the phone.  That's what I'd say, too. 

I didn't even realize that Just Dance was one of her songs before my research.  This is a favorite for Dance Party in the Car.

Other useful tidbits:
She wears origami inspired hats
She appears not to lip sync in concert
She performed on Gossip Girl
She wears the most kickass costumes ever: (haha, just previewed my post and the still shot for this video is her naked...I guess that qualifies as a costume)

 I've been wanting to tell the guys at Starbucks that I am a convert but it's hard to bring up a conversation that happened weeks ago without seeming like a weirdo.  The only other thing I really want to know is how tall she is.  I bet she's about my height, in which case I now hold Pop Star to be a legitimate dream of mine.  Dress me up in french couture, get me on a stage and I'll twirl around on six inch stilettos and attempt to sing.  It would be a sight...haha.  I'd better leave that to Gaga.

Through the wonders of Wikipedia and WikiAnswers I have learned that she is not French, but American and "Lady Gaga is exactly 5'2'' - exactly my height.  Maybe I should become French and then fulfill my new found dream of being a pop star ;)

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