Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New House

Oh there is a lasting complex added
along with too long fingernails to
type it down without many, many mistakes.
There may be a dog involved who trips on
an area rug and maybe pees on it. A green
rug and a kitchen with beige walls. A
glass canister half-filled with paint
brushes waiting patiently to be cleaned.
Work gloves. Sports team hats. Jackets.

Tea cup with tea bag at the bottom.
Empty silverware drawer. Wood-saw snores
shaking boundaries until the prize falls
out of the box.


William Keckler said...

Tristimania by Mary Ruefle came today. My happiest moments were in the bathtub reading it.

Then that experience was equaled by reading some of these poems here.

I wish life were always like a warm bathtub with great poetry included.

But I don't think that's a constitutional america or anywhere else.


Rachel said...

let's write a bill.